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Track Mobile

Track Mobile


Have you lost your cell phone and need to track it? With this method you will be able to track a cell phone no matter where it is. It's fast, easy and secure, you just need to know the mobile number and follow the steps.

Locate your cell phone

Today, cell phones have become indispensable to us.

We all have a cell phone, which we take care of and treasure as a fundamental part of our life. The reasons can be many, whether for leisure or for work, the truth is that they are a very useful tool where we usually have valuable personal information. track phone

For all these reasons it is very important to be able to track your cell phone, and you will be reassured to know that there are many ways to do it, methods that I will show you in this post.

Reasons to track a cell phone

It is important to mention that it is good to respect the privacy of another person. None of us would like someone outside our environment to track our cell phone, would we? However, there are reasons that are very useful, for example:

  • If you have lost your cell phone, there is still time to find it.
  • If you have been robbed and want to know where it is located.
  • For security with your family and friends, being at ease knowing where you are.
  • And you can't miss it, in case you want to know if your partner is lying to you about his or her location.

How does the method to track a cell phone work?

It is very simple, it is an online tool that is free, you will not need to make any payment and it works with 100% efficiency. With the method I will show you, you do not need to follow long tutorials with complicated steps to understand, you can get the location you want in a few minutes.

The best of all is that it leaves no traces on the cell phone, no one will know that you are tracking the phone if it has been stolen, or in case someone else is using your phone. I assure you that this hacking system will become your best ally.

The best method to track a cell phone

With this method you do not need to install third party applications, you can do it from anywhere, regardless of the country you are in. Just follow the 3 steps below:

  1. Within the actual website, type in the cell phone number you want to track and select the country you are in.
  2. Click on the "track" button and wait for the system to do its job, it may take a few seconds or minutes.
  3. To proceed with the tracking, the system will ask you to validate your identity. You will be able to do this through two methods, by completing a personal survey, or by sharing the invitation link with 5 friends.
track phone easy

After verifying the identity, a map will open where you can find out the exact location of the cell phone you are trying to track. It's that simple and fast.

Track cell phone by WhatsApp

There is a way to track a cell phone via WhatsApp, and that is by using the application called "track cell phone TR3".

You must install it on your device, either Android or iPhone and complete the data requested for registration.

Then you will be able to use WhatsApp normally, and a binoculars icon will appear in the contact's name from which you will be able to track the number. A map will open with the approximate location of the cell phone, which must be connected to the internet and have active tracking services.

How to track an Android cell phone

If you have an Android device you can easily track it with the method we have shown you above. The script on the page does all the work for you, so you don't need to be very computer literate.

track phone online

After selecting the country where you are located and entering the cell phone number, you will have to wait a few minutes for the script to locate the number. To display the map with the exact address you will have to validate the information with one of the following methods:

Refer 5 friends

You will be assigned a personal link, which you can share through any social network, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp. You only have to enter the link to complete the validation system, and then you will easily access the location.

Complete a short survey

Surveys are usually one of the most used methods to verify that you are not a bot. Complete the form with your information, remember that you will not be charged any fee, as it is a free method.

How to track an iPhone cell phone

Tracking an iPhone cell phone is a bit more complicated, as the operating system is usually more reserved for downloading external or third-party applications. However, our method works perfectly.

track phone method

In addition, IOS also has native applications of the operating system to track the cell phone easily and quickly.

Native application

With the "Find my iPhone" function you can log in to your iCloud account and access this option to detect the location. It should be noted that the application must be previously activated, and you must log in to your account.

It is a useful method to track only your own phone in case of theft or loss.

External applications

Some applications work perfectly for iPhone and you can download them from the store, others may require the phone to be unlocked via jailbrak, but it is not a requirement for all of them.

Some apps are:

  • Lookout mobile security.
  • Prey anti-theft.

Through Google location history

While not the most commonly used method, it can be quite useful. You will need to have Apple's location reporting feature and location history enabled. With these features, you will be able to know where your phone has been by accessing the last recorded location when connected to the internet.

This is because Google has a feature that constantly collects data from locations where you have been, and displays it chronologically. In case your cell phone is still connected to the network, you will be able to visualize the location in real time.

Similarly for the GPS function, by accessing your Google account you can access the latest locations.  It works very similar to the Find My iPhone application.

How to track a stolen cell phone

If you are interested in other options to track your stolen cell phone, take a look at these two programs. They are tracking software that require prior installation on the device, but are highly effective.

It is often used as a parental control system. It is a paid software with which you will be able to track the cell phone, verifying the last locations it had in the database.

The software must be installed on the cell phone and activated after paying the license fee, after which there is no need to have physical access to it, as the device can be accessed as long as it is connected to the Internet.


Cerberus is another very useful application to track a cell phone in case of loss. You need to download the app and pay the membership fee. Then you will be able to create a record of all the actions performed from the cell phone, thanks to the fact that it works as a keylogger. You can also have access to the real location via GPS.

Locate a cell phone with Google Maps

Google has a built-in feature that is really useful for tracking a cell phone with a Gmail account. You just need to have the location and GPS feature enabled on the phone, and have another device to be able to use the application.

You can do it through the app, or by logging into the web.

  • Go to
  • Log in to your Google account.
  • Click on add contact and select all the contacts you want.
  • Your friend will have to accept the request, so you will share your location.
  • From the friends tab you will find all the contacts that have accepted the invitation, with the possibility of seeing the map and their location in real time.

With this function you will be able to detect the last connection of your mobile device, so you will know where you lost it or where it can be found in case of theft.

How to track a cell phone without software

While many methods require applications and software to be installed in order to complete the tracking, there are a few methods that will help you track a cell phone without software.

track phone steps

The main and most recommended is the script that I have provided on this page. You don't need to use any external program, nor have physical access to the cell phone you want to track. You can do it all from the web and in simple steps.

I invite you to try this method, following the steps described below.

  • Proceed to fill in the blank field with the number of the phone you want to hack.
  • Select your country of residence to facilitate hacking.
  • Wait for the system to detect the location of the number, it works in 100% of the cases, just be patient.
  • Verify your identity with one of the available methods, you can choose the one you prefer.
  • And that's it! Enjoy your cell phone location for free and in real time.

Track a cell phone online - Easy and fast

Many of the methods to track a cell phone online are often fraudulent or do not work, which makes you waste a lot of time or even puts your information at risk. Therefore, I recommend you to be cautious and use only trusted scripts, like the one I show you on this website.

You can check its effectiveness by reading the comments of all the people who have already tried it and it has worked for them. It is really easy and fast.

track phone iphone or android

You can also make use of the tracking functions that cell phones include by default, this function, usually called "Find my device", can be used from another device in case of loss or misplacement. It only requires the feature to be activated from the beginning.

  • Log in to and access your account.
  • The linked device will appear.
  • If you have the location function active, it will show you the exact location.
  • It also offers you the possibility to perform actions on the phone remotely, such as making it ring for 5 minutes (no matter if it is on silent), locking it and logging out of your account, or even erasing all data from the device. In the latter case you will not be able to track it again later.

This is a very useful feature in case of loss or misplacement. Make sure you always have the function enabled and the GPS location activated, you never know when you might need it!

As you can see, there are many options to track a cell phone, no matter the reason why you need to do it. I recommend you to try the script that I have left above, if you still have doubts about how it works, I will leave you an explanatory video where you can see the step by step and you will see that it is really easy to do.


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