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Hack Twitter

Hack Twitter


Nowadays, celebrities, athletes and politicians transmit all kinds of information through their Twitter accounts, therefore, it is a social network that has great importance worldwide.

hack twitter

Can you imagine being able to hack Twitter with ease? This can be achieved with very simple methods like the ones I will show you in this post.

Steps to hack Twitter

In order for you to hack a person on their Twitter account, you just need to carry out the following steps carefully:

Have the user name

In this first step you must manage to get the name of the person you are going to hack and to achieve this you have to do this:

  • The first thing you will do is look for the person you want to hack.
  • Then you have to copy the user's name or Twitter link.
  • You must paste it in and once you have pasted it you have to click on the button where it says Hack.

Perform password download

When the system has done the process of searching for the user's name, you will go to the second step, which is downloading the password and to do this you have the opportunity to choose between two options:

  • Share with other friends: In this case you will need to send your referral link to at least five friends from your contact list, these friends have to open the link you have sent them in order for the process to be valid.
  • Formalize some surveys: Here you must make the selection and enter one of the four servers that are on the web and then you will go through the steps indicated in the survey.

When you finish the process of the option you have chosen, the password will be unlocked automatically.


After you have downloaded the user's password, I suggest you log in through one of the servers that are available on the web, since you should not log in directly through the official Twitter page.

hack twitter easy

If you do it through the official website you will surely be asked to verify the account, either with a phone number or an email and this is information that we know you will not be able to obtain, therefore, you will not be able to verify the account so you can hack it.

Are there other methods to hack Twitter?

Apart from hacking Twitter as I showed you above, there are other methods to hack an account on this social network with ease. Below, I will show you some of the possible alternatives:


It is a page that appears to be the same as the real ones, this server has the ability to deceive the user through social engineering in order to incorporate the data. It is a cloned page similar to the original, so it shows the same operation and facade.

The link that comprises this server is a deception, so that the person you want to hack puts their data to access the account without distrust and thus you get to acquire such data in your browser.


Xploits is also known as Phishing, it is one of the most effective methods for hacking, this server can replace the identity of the real user. This method uses social engineering as well as different techniques in order to find a way to deceive the user into believing that it is a company.

You could pretend to be the official Messenger support so that the user can fall for the scam and enter their access data, when they do so you can steal their data without any suspicion.


It is a type of program in which you can accumulate all the secret passwords that you want users have written on the computer. It is a type of virus that you have to install or it can also be installed by the user without realizing it when he opens a program that is infected.

hack twitter method

The program has the ability to record all the actions and keystrokes that the user executes on his device, so you will have the opportunity to gain access to all your personal information and a lot of other data.

What to do to hack Twitter with different programs?

To hack any Twitter account you want you can opt for any of these effective programs:

Hacking Twitter through the browser

Browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome, are the best platforms that exist today to surf the Internet, likewise allow you to accumulate emails and passwords to give you the convenience of not having to be writing them every time you want to enter some of your accounts.

If you happen to have easy access to the laptop of the person you want to hack, you will surely find the passwords that your victim has stored inside the browser.

Twitter Password Hacker

With Twitter Password Hacker you have a high percentage of possibility to hack any Twitter account you want through programs. For you to be able to perform the process, you have to know what is the username or email of the person you are going to hack.

Enter these data and after doing so, you will have to wait a short time for the software to do the search and reveal the secret key and once obtained, you will be able to use it and see everything you wanted to see about that person.

It is very important to keep in mind that this type of method will only work if the password has not been changed by the user within the last five days.

Hack Twitter with Keylogger

This program is very convenient to make this type of hacking to be highly effective has a fairly simple way to use. It is a method that allows you to spy on all the information of the person who gets to use your computer, therefore, you will be able to monitor all movements that are not yours.

hack twitter steps

Another way to use this program is to install it on a computer that is not yours, as is the case of cyber, offices or computer labs, among others, and in this way you will have full access to use other passwords that at the same time will allow you the accessibility to see the information of different Twitter accounts.

How to hack Twitter easily without surveys?

To hack Twitter without surveys in a much simpler way you can also use the same programs following the instructions that I will show you below:

Hacking without surveys through the browser

If you use Firefox or Google Chrome, it will be very easy to hack a Twitter account. The only thing you have to count on is access to the computer of the person you are going to spy on, since these people usually save their passwords if they want to on the sites they always use.

In this way, if you have the opportunity to enter the computer, you will be able to access all the accounts that the victim has saved without any problem. The best thing about this method is that it is very easy and you do not need to complete any survey.

Hacking without surveys through Keylogger

To start with this method, you have to download the Keylogger program through the link and when you finish downloading, proceed to install the program.

This type of program can only work on computers, it has the purpose of storing all the passwords that are written on the computer, that is, if you have this program on your computer, anyone who opens his Twitter account from your PC, his password will be saved and you will have access to see it within the same program.

This program does not require you to take a survey, since all you really need to do is to install it on your computer and once the passwords are saved in the program, you will have full access to check them without anyone knowing.

Hacking without surveys with Xploits

If you want to avoid surveys when hacking a Twitter account, I recommend you to use this program. With it you have the facility to fool the person you want to spy on.

What do you have to do? All you have to do is send a fake link where the victim supposedly has to log in to Twitter, thinking that he is entering the real account, he will fill in a box with his username and password and then you will be able to access his data and information.

Hacking Twitter online

If you want to hack a Twitter account online, you have two ways to do it as I will be showing you below:

Hack Twitter online with the page

So that you can hack a Twitter account online with the page, the directions are:

  • You will first log in to the Twitter account and once inside look for the person you are interested in hacking.
  • Then you have to paste it in the system of and there you have to click on the button that indicates hack.
  • You have to wait a short time while the system is processing to provide you with the account information.
  • To unlock the user key, you need to take a survey.
  • The page can extract the cookies from the Twitter account, which means that you have to log in from that page so that you don't have the difficulty to log in.

Hack Twitter online with Xploits

This modality is very simple, since with this page as I told you before it is very easy to deceive the person you want to spy on. You only have to follow these steps:

hack twitter password
  • You are going to create an Xploits URL.
  • Then send the fake link to the person you will spy on.
  • This person or user will enter the secret data thinking that they are posting it to the real social network.
  • Once the victim has completed this part of the process, you will get the data you need to log in to their account.

What steps should you follow to hack Twitter via cell phone?

Surely you have thought about hacking a Twitter account from the comfort of your cell phone, with these two methods you can do it:

Hacking Twitter with cell phone survey

If you have a Smartphone you can quickly spy on Twitter:

  • Start by opening the Twitter application.
  • There you should look for the person you will spy on.
  • Copy the user link found in the three dots on the right side.
  • Then you are going to go to
  • When you enter paste the user's Twitter link and hit the hack button.
  • You will wait a few minutes while the account is hacked.
  • To complete the process, you have to take the survey and you will automatically have at your disposal the email and password of the user you will spy on.

Hacking Twitter with referrer via cellular phone

It's easier than you think:

  • You must get five or more people to visit a link.
  • When you have collected them you will receive in your email the username and password so you can log in to the Twitter account you want to hack.
  • To get more clicks you can do it through private messages or if you share the link directly on various social networks such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger.

Want to hack Twitter easily? Follow these steps

If you want to hack a Twitter account as easily as possible, follow these instructions:

Easy hacking with Xploits

To carry out this espionage it performs the following:

  • Enter the link when you log in make a link with Xploits.
  • You will have to send it to the user you want to hack.
  • Then you have to wait for this person to enter his or her data.
  • To start viewing your information, just confirm if it has already been hacked.

Easy hacking with the browser

Generally Firefox and Google Chrome browsers have a procedure that saves user passwords on the computer, that means:

  • If you happen to have access to the computer of the person you are going to spy on, it is likely that they have their passwords registered.
  • In this way, you will have the opportunity to access their accounts without any problems and spy on the information you want.

Hacking easily with the page

With these steps you will be able to see whatever you want from a Twitter account:

hack twitter security
  • Start by clicking on the link.
  • Then find the Twitter account you are going to spy on.
  • Copy the URL of your victim's profile, paste it on the page and click on hack.
  • Once this process is completed, the page will provide you with the account information.
  • Once you have obtained them, perform the anti.bost test so that the system confirms if it is the person you are going to spy on.
  • With all this process finished, you can now log in without any problems to see the information of the Twitter profile you wanted to hack.

Did this hacking method work for you? Try hacking Twitter with these methods I have left and tell me your experience.


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